Alcohol Addiction Today

Recognising Alcohol as a Problem


Many people have a drink in the evening before dinner or when out with friends. This is an accepted custom, and most people are unaffected with alcohol addiction. They can safely have one or two drinks with friends and leave it at that. They feel no need or pressure to continue drinking. For them, alcohol holds no sway in their lives and is not a problem. For those who are addicted to alcohol, they must first admit they have a problem before it can be solved.

Many people believe they are not alcoholics if they go on an occasional drinking binge. They believe true alcoholics begin drinking in the morning and continue until they pass out at night. This thinking has been the downfall of many alcoholics. Binge drinking is a serious sign of alcoholic addiction behaviour. This is especially true when the binges occur on a regular basis. The binge drinker should consider seeking professional assistance with their drinking problem.