Alcohol Addiction Today

How to Ruin Your Business


Many people begin their own business by investing everything they have in their dream. They are under great pressure to succeed. They believe they cannot fail because this will show they are somehow less of a person. Under these trying circumstances, many people choose to unwind after work with a drink or two. It helps them to relax from the pressures of the day and forget their problems. It is unfortunate that some of these business owners progress to more drinking in the evening as pressure builds. Eventually, they begin drinking earlier in the day and become alcoholics.

Alcohol addiction has many side effects. Alcohol is a depressant that dries out the body and makes the brain work less efficiently. While a drink or two is not particularly harmful, more than that has deleterious effects on the body. It can overwhelm the liver and cause cirrhosis. Many long time alcoholics develop diabetes as a result of their addition. All of these medical conditions may hamper a person's ability to run a company.

Running a business takes time, effort and the ability to think ahead. Solving issues is a daily occurrence. Alcohol addiction can interfere with these abilities and make functioning within the workplace impossible. Ordering wrong amounts of raw materials or refusal to deal with employee problems turns small issues into major catastrophes. Even if the company continues to run, the results will be much less than if the company was run by someone with good physical and mental health. Over time, incorrect business decisions can run a company into bankruptcy.

Even functioning alcoholics make mistakes. If the alcoholic is a business owner, these mistakes can ruin their company. If there are medical complications due to alcohol, these will interfere with decision making abilities and raise the cost of health insurance. Medical problems will also interfere with running the business due to absence and the loss of problem solving abilities.